Diflucan 150mg

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Diflucan 150mg

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Digitized by Google CX>MMERaAL EGG-YOLK. 257 is due to the presence of propolis balsam, which is removed by treatment with 70 per cent, Diflucan 150mg alcohol ; it is a golden-yellow, clear, bitter, aromatic, syrupy liquid; acid value 74.86; saponification value 165. i. Pharro. Centralh., xlviii (1907), No. 45, 929-934. Spider Silk Characters and Diflucan 150mg Possible Utility, E. Fischer says that a large Madagascar spider, Nephila madagascariensis, spins a handsome orange-yellow silk, which would appear to be available for the manufacture of textile fabrics. It differs from silkworm silk in containing much less sericin, the substance soluble in boiling water. When treated with this solvent it gives only about 3 per cent, of soluble matter, whereas ordinary silk yields 30 per cent. The insoluble portion appears to be closely allied to fibroin of ordinary silk ; that is, the portion insoluble in water but readily dissolving in strong hydrochloric acid, the solution affording, when poured into alcohol, a chlorine-free product, insoluble in water, named sericoin by Wehl. The products of hydrolysis of spider silk by acids are practically the same as those obtained from fibroin, and the amounts of glycocoll, alanine, tyrosine, and leucine are the same, but the quantity of proline and of diamine acids is somewhat higher from spider silk than from fibroin. Spider silk also contains a small amount of glutamic acid, which is not found in fibroin. Diflucan 150mg On the other hand, it yields no serin. Spider silk yields up its yellow colonng-matter to alkalies, the insoluble fiber being rendered almost colorless by successive treatment with alkaline solutions. Pharm. Journ., Mar. 28, 1908, 413; from Ztschr. Physiolog. Chem., jj (1907), 126; through Jour, de Pharm. et Chim., 27 (1908), Commercial Egg- Yolk Distinction of the Yolk of Hen^s Eggs Diflucan 150mg from that of Duck's Eggs, Experiments made by J. Paessler confirm the observa- tion of Schorlemmer and Sichling that the values found for pure egg- yolk cannot be applied to Diflucan 150mg commercial egg-yolk which has been preserved with sodium chloride, since the presence of this as well as of other preservatives determine more or less material changes in its composition. The following numbers were obtained with fat from egg- yolks which had been preserved for weeks with 12 per cent, of sodium chloride : Fat from Yolk of Hen's Eggs, Yolk of Duck's Eggs, Iodine number 48.1 42.0 47.5 54.2 Unsaponifiable 3.1 per cent., 3.8 per cent., z,^ per cent. 6.2 per cent. Phosphorus, as HjPO^ 3.7 per cent., 3.7 per cent., 3.7 per cent. 3.1 per cent. From these figures it becomes apparent that the content of non-saponi- fiable matter in the fat serves as the best criterion of distinction between the yolks of hen's and duck*s eggs. Pharm. Ztg., liii (1908), No. 29, 290; from Chem. C.-Bl., 1908, i. No. 11. 17 Digitized by Google 258 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. General Subjects. Inorganic Chemical Compounds, Oscar Oldberg contributes some notes on the classification of the principal inorganic compounds, based on the modern definition of acids, bases and salts according to the theory of ionization, in the "Proceedings" of this Association, 1907, 419-422. Medicinal Chemistry Effect of Exposure to Greatly Reduced Tempera- tures, C. Strzyzowski has studied the effect of exposure to very low tem- perature on a number of substances, the experiment being made by plac- ing several cubic centimeters or grammes of the substance in a thin test- tube, and immersing this in liquid air ( 190** C.) for about 5 minutes. The results of his observations are in the main confirmatory of those that have already been made by others such as the loss of reactionary power, diminution or extinction of color and odor, solidification and friability of the substances as the temperature approaches the zero, etc. The follow- ing observations concerning a number of medicinal chemicals, however, selected from the long series of substances examined, may serve as note- worthy examples : Ether congeals to form a whitish, crystalline, opaque and odorless mass, which when Diflucan 150mg dropped into strong alcohol sinks to the bottom. Liquid Ammonium Sulphide congeals to form an opaque, canary- yellow, amorphous and absolutely inodorous mass. Diflucan 150mg Amy I nitrite forms a perfectly odorless, crystalline, glassy mass, becoming fissured under crepitation. Guaiacol crepitates on congealing, becoming hard, pale rose-red and nearly odorless. Mercurous Iodide assumes a striking (Veronese) green color, and the red Mercuric Iodide changes to a picric acid -yellow. Liquor Ferri Sesquichloridi becomes a glassy, transparent body, having a fine green color. Volatile Oil of Mustard 'v& converted into a solid, yellowish- white, amor- phous mass, which is odorless at 190 C. Sodium Bicarbonate and Sulphuric Acid fail to react. If H^SO* is dropped onto the NaHCOj exposed to the liquid-air bath, no CO, is evolved. The acid congeals on the surface of the bicarbonate, forming a glassy mass. Pharm. Ztg., liii (1908), No. 29, 288-289; Diflucan 150mg from Pharm. Post, 1908, No. 23. Chemical Compounds of the U, S, P. The physical constants of these are the subject of discussion by Diflucan 150mg Atherton Seidell in a paper communicated
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